Halls Manager's Message


Mr. Zadock Opole
Mr. Zadock Opole

I wish to warmly welcome you to the Halls Department website. Halls Department  has the noble responsibility of providing accommodation services to the University of Nairobi students and other stakeholders.

In line with the University of Nairobi vision of being a world class University, Halls Department commits to live up to that vision by aspiring to offer world class services with a view of providing our students with a University of Nairobi experience that they can be proud of way after they leave the University. Accommodation services are critical complementary services to the academic experience. A holistic graduate is prepared both in the classroom as well as in the University social life to which Halls Department contributes.

Like the rest of World, Halls Department is currently undergoing challenges related to the Covid-19 pandemic and has therefore not been operating at full capacity.  Despite these challenges, Halls staff will endeavor to continue to provide   adequate, safe, secure and clean accommodation. Halls will also aspire to give accommodation services take into consideration the observance of Covid-19 protocols.

The halls service stipulates our commitment to service delivery in line with an open door policy that is consultative, participatory and conscious of our stakeholders needs and aspirations. In this regard, we invite all our clients to call on us with ideas on how we can serve you better and maximize your satisfaction with our services.

Feel free to get in touch with Halls Management and kindly note that we are ready to listen to your ideas in order to enable us provide efficient and friendly services to you.

God bless you.


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