Workstudy Program in the Halls Department

An Opportunity for students to serve fellow students in the Halls of Residence .  In line with the Vice-Chancellor's people reforms agenda, the University made a decision to have greater involvement of students in the management of their affairs. This is meant to ensure inclusivity and mentor students through an apprenticeship program in line with the University's vision to produce holistic graduates.  This opportunity is meant to entrench student mentorship; leadership and talent development; opportunity for experiential learning; and support for needy students.

A Work-Study Program (WSP) is a formal arrangement organized by the University in which registered students while studying, are attached to a University Department or collaborating Industry/Government/Private Sector/Civil Society partner. It allows the student to acquire deep work-relevant skills which help students better transit to the workplace. It also provides an opportunity for students to offer their services, part time, while engaging in their studies and enables needy students to earn some income for their upkeep.

The Dean of Students Office in partnership with the Halls Manager wishes to offer the first opportunities to active undergraduate students of the University of Nairobi to offer Services in their Halls of Residence under the Work-Study-Program. The students must not be in their first year of study, on suspension, deferred or facing disciplinary cases and must be available for at most 4 hours daily.

All the students who apply for this opportunity will be subjected to a rigorous selection criteria. Those who will be successful will be expected to assist in the following duties in liaison with security personnel and halls officer: maintenance of security in the student's hostels, compiling daily reports for the unit, receiving and settling students to allocated rooms, ensuring cleanliness in the halls, handling students complaints, handling of student registers, coordinate and supervise activities of students in hostels and their visitors, verify room occupancy, conduct checks of facilities and properties, ensure no unauthorized individuals have access to hostels, report on repair works in their respective hostels, and any other duties assigned by immediate supervisor.

The students will earn an hourly stipend at the rate of KES 50/- per hour. Please apply using the link below.



Deadline for submission of the application is Monday 12 September 2022. Application form will be closed after lapse of deadline.