Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I apply for accommodation?

To apply for accommodation you need to submit an online application on for the relevant year you wish to live in halls. You are able to apply once you have been made an offer to study at the University and the application is open.

If you are a continuing student then you will  operate within the term dates as provided by the office of the Academic Registrar.

What type of room choices do I have?

On our online application form, students have the option to select their preferred room type. We allocate and match accommodation as closely as possible to students' preferences, although preferences cannot be guaranteed.

How much do the rooms cost?

Accommodation is paid for once a student has been allocated a room.  Account details appear on the student portal after allocation has been done.

If I have welfare concerns, is there someone I can talk to?

SWA has Officers you can talk to for advice and guidance about the many different issues that students may face. These include the office of the Special Student Advisor, Deputy Director, Accommodation & Mentorship and Customer Relations Officer.

Is it possible to transfer money from tuition to accommodation?

Yes, this is possible and it happens with the assistance from the College Bursar who must provide SWA with a copy of the cash transfer voucher.

How do I report faults or maintenance issues with my  room?

All maintenance issues should be reported to the custodian’s office at the respective hall of residence.

How many days are there in an academic year?


The standard 15 weeks semester adds upto 105 days, therefore 210 days for the academic year. The specific dates are available on the term dates as provided by senate.

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How much do I need for meals?




Meals are served on a pay as you eat basis. Each kitchen has a posted menu guide that includes items you can pick up at an affordable rate.

Do you offer special meals for special cases?





Students with special dietary requirements are encouraged to contact the respective unit catering officer and place their special needs. Their special needs should also be confirmed by the Chief Medical Officer.

Why is service time limited to a few hours?





To ensure the safety of food served to students, it is essentially important that potentially hazardous foods cannot remain in service for longer hours. It also creates time for staff to clean and prepare food.